If you are looking for a piece of jewelry with pearls or corals, you’ve come to the right place!

As you scroll through our photo gallery, you’ll see years of experience in the workmanship of such precious and rare materials.

In fact, the Gherardi Family have been in this field for four generations, and they pride themselves in searching for the highest quality jewelry adapted to today’s taste.

Our shop is located on the renowned historical bridge Ponte Vecchio, in the heart of Florence, and has been there since 1952, where numerous jewelers and goldsmiths’ workshops have been active for centuries.

The Gherardi jewelry has been present on both the florentine and international markets from the 1920’s when the first shop opened along the Lungarno Acciaiuoli, right next to the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.


We specialize in the production and trade of pearl and coral jewelry, an artisan and artistic tradition that dates back to our predecessors who were originally from Torre del Greco near Naples, a village well-known for fishing and coral workmanship. Over the years, this tradition has been easily integrated with the Florentine goldsmith’s art, which for centuries has been open to the use of precious and unique materials such as coral and pearls in the creation of jewelry and masterpieces of the highest artistic value.



The quality of the materials we use is what distinguishes us. We pay particular attention to the selection of the raw material which must be absolutely natural and of the highest quality, and together with the craftsmanship and creativity of our Florentine jewelers and goldsmiths we produce unique works of art.


The fire of passion


The depth of light

Unique pieces

The symbol of elegance

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Ponte Vecchio, 36/R, 50125 Florence (FI) Italy


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