Gherardi's store in Pontevecchio 36r


The story of coral entwined with the identity of Florence


Our Company specializes in coral and cultured pearl trade, and in the production and sale of jewelry produced using these materials.

The U. Gherardi S.r.l was founded in Florence (Italy) in the early 1900’s and many generations of the Gherardi family have worked here and contributed to its success.

    Over the years we have collected a lot of material that is now difficult to find in the market. Our Company is located on the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence, an area that has been full of famous jewelry stores since the 16th Century.

    We sell high quality primary material in both coral and pearl, as well as jewelry which ranges from the simplest form to unique pieces, made from these materials mounted in 18ct gold settings, created by master Florentine artisans. We also create personalized pieces of jewelry for our clients.